Wheel to Walk Foundation

Making a Difference

The Wheel to Walk Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps children and young adults (under 21 years old) with disabilities obtain medical equipment or services that is not provided by their insurance companies. We purchase items such as shower chairs, therapy bikes, special beds, communication devices, speech therapy and wheelchairs (to name a few), which insurance companies have denied. Our organization strongly believes that no child or young adult with special needs go without items that could improve the quality of his or her daily life.


If you need financial assistance with anything from leg braces, bath chairs, gait trainers to therapy tricycles and wheelchairs, please contact us at the phone number below or email us so we can email you an application.



Wheel to Walk Foundation

PO Box 20146

Portland, Oregon 97294

Phone: 503.257.1401


email: info@wheeltowalk.com



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We assist with:

Therapy Tricycles


Communication Devices

Crutches, Gait Trainers & Standers